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Magical Musical Moments In A Nashville Mansion

Lilly Hiatt joined the Luck Mansion sessions for one of the coolest things at AmericanaFest 2016. In the parlor of an old mansion in East Nashville, the label Third Man Records and the mansion’s hosts, the organization Luck Reunion, paired musicians together to record a song. But it was more social and way more laid-back than just that, with time and space for musicians to hang out, jam, talk, drink and eat together while figuring out what they would commit to tape…

Check out the full article from NPR right HERE.

Royal Blue: Three Chords and the Truth UK Review

Check out Three Chords and the Truth UK’s kind review of my album “Royal Blue”, which will be coming to Europe on June 3rd. Read the full article HERE.

Europeans Tour Dates

Jun 02 – Den Haag, Netherlands

Jun 03 – Spijkerboor, Netherlands

June 04 – Baarn, Netherlands

Jun 05 – Hoorn, Netherlands

Jun 06 – Warmond, Netherlands

Jun 07 – Norderstedt, Germany

Jun 09 – Bath, UK

Jun 10 – Lindsey, UK

Jun 11 – Leeds, UK

Jun 12 – Birmingham, UK

Jun 14 – London, UK

Jun 15 – Biddulph, UK

Jun 16 – Bristol, UK

Jun 18 – Pulham St. Mary, UK

Jun 19 – Harrogate, UK

Jun 21 – Edinburgh, UK

Jun 22 – Aberdeen, UK

Jun 23 – Glasgow, UK

Get your tickets HERE.

Royal Blue, the second album by East Nashville firebrand Lilly Hiatt, is about the majesty of melancholy-or, as she explains it, “accepting the sadder aspects of life and finding some peace in them.” A dance between pedal steel and synths, the album examines the vagaries of love and commitment but steadfastly refuses to romanticize any notion of romance. Singing in a barbed lilt full of deep worry and gritty determination in equal measure, she conveys emotions too finely shaded to be easily named, yet will be familiar to any listener who’s had their heart broken-or has broken a heart.

This is, in other words, not a well-behaved singer-songwriter album. Instead, it’s feisty and rough-around-the-edges, full of humor and bite and attitude from a woman who proclaims, “I’d rather throw a punch than bat my eye.” Royal Blue hints at autobiography without sounding self-absorbed, as Lilly transforms a rough patch of life into smart, sturdy, sometimes even hilarious songs that don’t sit squarely in any one genre. Instead, Royal Blue reaches out boldly and playfully into many different sounds and styles: Austin folk rock, Pacific Northwest indie, pre-Oasis Britpop, New York punk ca. 1977. There are ’90s alt guitars and ’00 indie synths, some twang and some Neko Case and Kim Deal.

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